Myths And Facts About Heart Disease and Diabetes

Facts about heart disease; cardiovascular disease, impacts 2 to 4 times even more individuals coping with diabetic issues than it does individuals without the problem.

Recently, clinical professionals have actually acquired considerable understanding right into what creates cardiovascular disease, exactly how it relates to diabetes mellitus in general, as well as just how to control it or stop it. Unless you’re completely in tune today on the current study, you might not recognize what it indicates to deal with diabetic issues and also heart problems.

Continue reading to discover the facts about heart disease and diabetes, what is reality and also what is fiction concerning cardiovascular disease and also diabetes mellitus.

Older couple riding on bicycles

Myth: Heart disease sufferers should avoid exercising

Remaining energetic is always a great positive unless your physician informs you of something different, like a strict exercise program or worse like a wheelchair. The majority of people that are coping with diabetes mellitus and also cardiovascular disease, an inactive way of living can result in difficulties such as embolism, cardiac arrest, as well as stroke.

Joining modest exercises several times per week, like dancing as well as strolling will certainly aid to enhance your flow as well as reinforce the muscle mass in your heart. It will certainly too motivate a feeling of good health and also vitality. Therefore, don’t be afraid to go out and move. If you have a dog, take it for a walk and enjoy the outdoors this will not harm or make worse your diabetes mellitus and your heart illness!

Fat to normal

Myth: People with diabetes are mostly overweight

Being overweight or obese can increase your odds of getting diabetes and is basically true but there are also other risk factors. These are influences like genetics (ethnicity), age and family history also have a very strong role to whether you get diabetes or not.

Statistics have shown that many overweight people may not be a candidate for diabetes but a large number of people with type 2 diabetes are of normal weight. However, no matter whether you are overweight or average weight you should keep your blood in check.  Having regular check-ups for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels   by your doctor is a must to be sure you are doing well.

Cardio vascular

Fact: Men and women are equally affected by cardiovascular disease.

For some time, researchers thought that cardiovascular disease affected a higher number of men than women. However, recent studies have revealed that women are highly affected as well. In fact, cardiovascular disease is a high cause of death in women also. Old ideas or believes take time to be updated and mainly for this reason women are still thought of having less heart disease issues than men hence often being overlooked or untreated.

Well known factors like high blood pressure, not being active, obesity, bad diets, high cholesterol, smoking and too much alcohol applies to both women and men. Therefore, not only men but women as well need to take every possible means to reduce or stop the risk of having cardiovascular disease. Have regular checks, eat fresh healthy foods, exercise often, try to reduce stress or stop it altogether as much as possible and definitely stop smoking.

Arteries, veins and vessels

Fact: Cardiovascular disease still possible when taking diabetes medication

The main purpose of diabetes medication is to lower the blood sugar levels only, however that does not mean that you will not get heart disease. On the other hand, you will get heart disease if your diabetes is not managed properly.

Study has shown that medication for diabetes reduces or prevents problems with small blood vessels, like kidney issues, neuropathy and retinopathy but larger blood vessels are affected much less.

Although you may be taking diabetes medication it is imperative that you also try to reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure by being more active (like and exercise program) and eating healthier foods.

Checking blood pressure

Myth: When cardiovascular disease exists in your family you will also get it

The statement above can be true, in this situation there is a higher risk that you may also get the disease. However, there are many things that you can do to reduce that statistic.

Visit you doctor and get a thorough check-up, with today’s technology medical professionals can pin point any problems in the heart.

Develop a plan with your doctor to keep your heart as healthy as possible by:

  • creating a good healthy diet and an exercise program
  • maintain a diary of your development
  • analyse you daily work and situations to reduce stress as much as possible
  • if you smoke, stop it and if you drink alcohol reduce it to a reasonable level or stop it altogether

Taking these actions, you will be on the right path to highly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and you may be having many more healthy years of life irrespective of the history in the family.

The takeaway

You have learned what is fact and what is myth about cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, you also found that although something may be myth or true there is a chance that if you do not follow healthy habits like not eating healthy food, not having a regular exercise program and smoking the myth can become a true.

The obvious lesson here is:

  • healthy choices
  • keep active by having a regular exercise program
  • visit you doctor and have regular check-ups
  • if you have diabetes, manage it properly and cardiovascular disease will stay away.

It’s all up to you!